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No Visa No Fee

Important Notice: We have to temporarily suspend our "No Visa No Fee" Service due to the uncertainty about Government plans. Currently, No visa No Professional Fee may be offered to applicants who decide to apply for Global Talent Visas.

In simple terms, "No Visa No Fee" means that if your application for a selected visa is refused we will provide a full refund of professional fees in line with our Terms and Conditions.

If you have reasonable prospects of success, we may offer you No Visa No Fee. We believe that ethics are more important than profits. Under our No Visa No Fee policy, even if the application is unsuccessful due to a change in migration legislation or due to health or character test, we will gladly issue a refund.

Terms and Conditions:

No Visa No Fee does not apply under any of the following circumstances:

  • An applicant (or any family member) provides false, misleading or cannot be independently verified, information, a bogus document or inaccurate personal identity information;
  • An applicant fails to provide documents, information or paying required fees and charges within the timeframes provided;
  • An applicant fails to Keep us informed of any change in employment, address, contact details, family, travel and any change in their circumstances;
  • An applicant or sponsor decides to withdraw their application/sponsorship/nomination;
  • The application is not selected from the pool within 36 months of submitting an EOI;
  • An applicant fails to follow instructions given by Migration Agent.
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12-24 Months
36 Months