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Skilled Migration Occupation Lists Review

Traffic Light Bulletin March 2020 Update

RED = Flagged for removal from the lists
ORANGE = Flagged for movement between lists direction of movement is indicated in the Recommended Status column
GREEN = Flagged for addition to the lists
ANZSCO codeOccupation NameCurrent Status on SMOLsRecommended Status for Traffic Light Bulletin
1272111Careers Counsellor - 272111STSOLOFF (RED)
2324212Vehicle Trimmer - 324212STSOLOFF (RED)
3342311Business Machine Mechanic - 342311STSOLOFF (RED)
4361199Animal Attendants and Trainers nec - 361199STSOLOFF (RED)
5362211Gardener (General) - 362211STSOLOFF (RED)
6391111Hairdresser - 391111STSOLOFF (RED)
7394213Wood Machinist - 394213STSOLOFF (RED)
8411611Massage Therapist - 411611STSOLOFF (RED)
9411711Community Worker - 411711STSOLOFF (RED)
10452311Diving Instructor (Open Water) - 452311STSOLOFF (RED)
11452312Gymnastics Coach or Instructor - 452312STSOLOFF (RED)
12321111Automotive Electrician - 321111MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
13321213Motorcycle Mechanic - 321213MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
14323313Locksmith - 323313MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
15332211Painting trades workers - 332211MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
16333111Glazier - 333111MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
17333411Wall and Floor Tiler - 333411MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
18394111Cabinetmaker - 394111MLTSSLSTSOL (ORANGE)
19142115Post Office Manager - 142115ROLSTSOL (ORANGE)
20312511Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson - 312511ROLSTSOL (ORANGE)
21612115Real Estate Representative - 612115ROLSTSOL (ORANGE)
22234411Geologist - 234411STSOLROL (ORANGE)
23131112Sales and Marketing Manager - 131112STSOLMLTSSL (with salary caveat of $120,000) (ORANGE)
24135112ICT Project Manager - 135112STSOLMLTSSL (with salary caveat of $120,000) (ORANGE)
25224999Information and Organisation Professionals nec - 224999STSOLMLTSSL (with salary caveat of $90,000) (ORANGE)
26599612Insurance Loss Adjuster - 599612STSOLMLTSSL (with salary caveat of $80,000) (ORANGE)
27133612Procurement Manager - 133612ROLMLTSSL (ORANGE)
28231213Ship's Master - 231213ROLMLTSSL (ORANGE)
29221212Corporate Treasurer - 221212OFFSTSOL (GREEN)
30423111Aged or Disabled CarerOFFSTSOL (with mandatory skills assessment) (GREEN)
31423312Nursing Support WorkerOFFSTSOL (with mandatory skills assessment) (GREEN)
32423313Personal Care AssistantOFFSTSOL (with mandatory skills assessment) (GREEN)
33121321Poultry Farmer - 121321STSOLSalary caveat of $65,000
34351111Baker - 351111STSOLSalary caveat of $65,000
35351112Pastrycook - 351112STSOLSalary caveat of $65,000
36361112Horse Trainer - 361112MLTSSLSalary caveat of $65,000
37323212Fitter and Turner - 323212MLTSSLSalary caveat of $65,000
38452499Sportspersons nec - 452499STSOLSalary caveat of $120,000
Source: The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business