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      Develops, enforces and evaluates environmental health policies, programs and strategies to improve health outcomes, and oversees the implementation and monitoring of environmental health legislation. Registration or licensing may be required.

      Skill Level: 1


        Food Safety Auditor
        Food Safety Officer
    Average Income:
    The average salary for an Environmental Health Officer is $ 91,378 for male employees and $ 78,162 for female employees per year.
    Average Age: Males: 45.5 Females: 41.9 Persons: 43.7
    [See: www.abs.gov.au 2513 Occupational and environmental health professionals - Employee Earnings and Hours, Australia, May 2016]

    Australian visa options for Environmental Health Officer

    Employer Sponsorship
    489 Visa
    457 Visa
    Skilled Occupation
    ANZSCO Code
    Assessing Authority
    189 Visa
    190 Visa
    186 Visa (DE)
    187 Visa
    All area
    Regional area
    Environmental Health Officer
    Visa processing times-months (75%)
    Visa processing times-months (90%)

    Note: Environmental Health Officer will be removed from SOL list in July 2016

    Environmental Health Officer categories in Group A. To obtain a positive skills assessment form VETASSESS, applicants wishing to be assessed as a Environmental Health Officer must have a qualification minimum at the level of an Australian qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor degree.

    Information for Employers

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    Environmental Health Officer job description, duties and education requirements


      OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS develop, implement and evaluate policies and programs to monitor environmental health and occupational health and safety and related legislation to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, and assist injured staff through the workers' compensation and rehabilitation process.

      Indicative Skill Level:

      In Australia and New Zealand:

        Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

      Registration or licensing may be required.

      Tasks Include:

      • developing, implementing and reviewing environmental health management plans and occupational health and safety plans
      • preparing and implementing plans and strategies for the safe, economic and suitable disposal of commercial, industrial, medical and household wastes
      • advising on and enforcing legislation, implementing prevention programs and strategies for communicable diseases, food safety, waste water treatment and disposal systems, recreation and domestic water quality, contaminated and hazardous substances, and minimising air, sea, water and noise pollution to improve health outcomes
      • identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks in the workplace
      • developing, implementing and monitoring programs minimising workplace and environmental pollution involving chemical and physical hazards
      • promoting ergonomic principles within the workplace such as matching furniture, equipment and work activities to the needs of employees
      • inspecting and auditing workplaces, processes, plant, and chemical and physical hazards for legislative compliance
      • training employees in personal protective equipment and safe working procedures
      • recording and investigating injuries and equipment damage, and reporting safety performance
      • coordinating the return of injured workers into the workplace


      Sources: www.abs.gov.au and DIBP

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