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Study in Australia

Intensive Care Nursing Courses in Victoria

For limited time only, we offer:
  • FREE Student Visa Service**
  • FREE subsequent 485 Visa (Post-Study Work stream) assistance**
to students who enrol in a course through Delta Immigration.

Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing
Institute of Health and Management
Graduate Certificate
Melbourne VIC
Regional Area*:
26 weeks
Online study
PSW 485 visa

Annual Fee:
AU$ 8,000
06 May 2024
01 Jul 2024
02 Sep 2024


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    Intensive Care Nursing Programs in VIC:
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    **This offer is subject to meeting the visa eligibility criteria and is valid for one year after completing the course. This offer is only valid for Bachelor's level courses or higher; Other conditions may also apply. Generally, We don't represent education institutions & universities; The information submitted by you regarding education matters and will be referred to one of our business partners and will be processed entirely by a third party. Studying in Australia may or may not imporove the chances of getting Permanent Residency; A student may study in Australia, spend a lot of money but finally may have to leave Australia.

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